Is your Community an untapped resource that could potentially be the largest constituency of your institution and the biggest source of engagement?

Building and nurturing a successful alumni program with relevant, tailored communications and events can deliver long term benefits to your organisation – increased philanthropic support, word of mouth, enrolments, and volunteer participation. At tatu, we believe that effective community engagement is the conduit to building a successful, philanthropic culture where people are positive about your organisation.

We undertake community audits, quantitative and qualitative research to ensure community engagement is at the core of your organisation.

We can assist with:

  • Alumni cultivation and engagement
  • Community Health audits
  • Community Engagement – Parents & Friends, Past Parents, Past Staff
  • Special Events – Annual Dinner, Alumni Reunions, Milestones
  • Communication – Print, Online, New Media, Surveys
  • Organisational Structure – Committees, Constitution, Strategic Planning
  • Funding – Membership Fee, Recruitment, Merchandising, Corporate Partnerships
  • Giving Back – Networking, Career Days, Mentoring, Guest Speakers
  • Database Management